November 2016

How is Ms. Kuehl? Excuse me, Mrs. Barnett doing?

Written on Monday, November 14th @ 7:00pm

I am at the Dance Studio tonight and just received another notification asking how Crystal is doing? I guess, I should do a quick update.

Since the news of “no signs of cancer” back on September 23rd, Crystal has been loving being Mrs. Barnett. She has enjoyed decorating her home and for the first time in four years, enjoying not being sick for more than 3 months.

Age is just a number...Crystal, Courtney & Cassidy carving pumpkins with the ones they love...

Age is just a number…Crystal, Courtney & Cassidy carving pumpkins with the ones they love…

Of course Crystal & Gage are adjusting to married life, with smiles and goals. Switching everything in their names, changing her last name and switching the Health Insurance has been learning experience for all of us.

We hope everyone had a safe Halloween. Crystal loved being at her home to pass out candy. I think she was hoping for more trick-or-treaters, maybe next year.

PANCAN Purple Light in Cedar Falls

PANCAN Purple Light in Cedar Falls

November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. I was asked to speak at the PanCan Purple Light in Cedar Falls. Crystal stood right up there with me. She listened to me talk, she smiled and not only did she inspire others, it was wonderful for me because I was inspired by listening to everyone else. Everyone has a story.

Thursday, November 10th was Carcinoid/Neuroendocrine Tumor Awareness Day which Zebra is the color to wear.

Thursday, November 17th is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Day which Purple is the color to wear.

Last week was a rough week. Crystal has been fighting a terrible headache, she has a few enlarged lymph nodes on the same side as her headache. After about 5 days she couldn’t take it anymore so she went into see her family doctor. Of course with Crystal having Cancer they had to do a MRI to make sure nothing was detected in the brain.

We shed some tears in the doctors office and then immediately wiped those tears so we could get scheduled for the MRI and get the results hopefully before the weekend. I really was going to reach out but Crystal wanted everything quiet until we had answers. We got our news Friday afternoon. The MRI didn’t show anything, with that being said we shed tears again.

Now tonight at dance she still has a headache. It is a sharp pain and this week it seems to be moving around her head. We are in contact with her doctors and hopefully it will just go away.

I must admit if you look into her eyes you can tell she is not herself.

Through all of this worry I asked Crystal some fun questions to keep her mind focused on something else, I will share them with you.

I asked her…

“Let’s say you could never leave your home. You can be in contact with family and friends but never leave your home. What would you do?” She smiled, laughed, thought for a bit and then stated she would color, do board games actually mom I would get the old Spyro video game out.

“Let’s say you get a couple days out of your house and you can go somewhere, anywhere for just a couple of days. Where would you go?” She immediately said, the mountains. I asked her what would you do there? She smiled and said, just sit there mom and look at them, look around. Mountains are beautiful. So like Colorado, Crystal? Yep Mom. Yea as she was shaking her head, smiling.

“Let’s say you are back at home again and now you get to go somewhere for a few weeks. Anywhere. Where would you go?” With a big smile, no hesitation, GREECE! I was surprised. Greece hmmmm why? It looks beautiful, the culture, I think it would be incredible.

“Now let’s say you are back at home but now you can drive anything you want as a vehicle. Any car, truck, motorcycle, monster truck, even a boat, a plane heck even a roller coaster what would you be traveling around in?” She said I want a Range Rover but for now…I will ride around in a Jet Ski.

So as we laughed, she smiled and we continued to eat our lunch. As a few minutes went by Crystal smiled and said it’s your turn mom. You answer them. I said no, it was just for you. She said no mom, I want to know your answers. Okay…

I must admit deep down inside I could feel my heart skip a beat that she really wanted to know my answers.

Okay…1.) I would work on my photo albums. I would scrapbook. I would make a book for everyone I love. Crystal said yep that sounds like you. 2.) I would go to the ocean. I would go to Huntington Beach Cali. Crystal smiled. 3.) I would love to go to Bora Bora. Crystal said good one Mom, that is a good one. 4.) I want a convertible. I’ve wanted that for many years.

Such a fun little way to learn more about each other.

And as Gage and I sat waiting for Crystal’s MRI to finish up. I chatted with Gage about the questions I had asked her, he smiled. And guess who got his old Spyro game out for Crystal this last weekend. Yes he sure did and yes, he is crazy about her.

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