April 2017

1 Year Ago…

Written on Wednesday, April 26th @ 11:00am

Crystal our Fighter!

Crystal our Fighter!

I could hear the rain this early morning, my bedroom window was slightly opened. I could feel the damp cold air. I got up, made some coffee and reflected what I was doing a year ago. I knew that today was going to be the day to do an update on Crystal.

1 year ago a miracle happened. The team of doctors at Mayo used their gifted hands and removed two tumors from her liver. Something that on May 11th, 2015 said would not happen. If you recall, that was Crystal’s Birthday when we learned that the tumors were back. They said that their was nothing they could do except to begin Chemo again.

And today, a year later, there has been no chemo, no major surgeries, no procedures…It is a miracle. For the first time since 2013, she has gotten to go a year with none of that. We are so blessed. We are so thankful. I don’t even know how to say it with words.

I have to admit, the worry is always there. Even Crystal said to me last week, “Mom when they felt they got those tumors, they did say it should give me a year with no detection. At least that was what they were hoping for. So now that it has been a year, do you think it is back? It is so hard to not think about it.” And of course as a mom, I feel bad that she has to think about it, she looks at life very different that many of us. It is a blessing and a curse.

We learned last week that Crystal’s next appointment is June 6th & 7th which means she gets to enjoy the month of May with no worries if it is back or not. That works perfect for the busy month of May that she has planned.

Spirit Show 2017

Spirit Show 2017

As a mom, I am very happy that there is no appointment in May. I didn’t want to worry about the news when she has so much happy stuff planned. So, thank you God for helping make that happen without us doing anything.

A lot of you have asked me, are you going with her to the next appointment at Mayo? Funny, I don’t know. That is her choice. All that matters is that she knows I am there when she is ready for me to go. Some of you have been very vocal that I should go anyway. I think that is great if it works like that in your family. But I personally would never invade her life. I learned that in marriage counseling years ago. Who ever dreamed I would use those tools with my daughter. She is a soon to be 25 year old beautiful woman. With her own family. I respect her. I trust her. We’ve raised her to know what we like and don’t. And I know that her husband loves her just as much as me. Plus, she is not alone…God is always with her. And all of you pray for her. She can feel those prayers. Her mom can feel it too.

This year was very difficult for me. Lots of tears from March 27th-till about last week. It was the first time that it really hit hard. I think it was because it was the first time, we weren’t doing something like surgery, chemo, doctor visits…So I would just relive that 2013 year. It was shocking, it was horrible, it was sad, it was hurtful. I did good writing to you all but there is so much I never wrote. Life can be so hard, emotionally, physically and financially. People can be so mean, so judge mental and when it comes from family it hurts. It takes all of the positive people in your life to rise above it. Sometimes you ask if there is a God? Why would he allow this? As my mom recently said to me, “Honey, that is not God, it is life. God is there to help you through it”.

Since my last update, I celebrated a birthday, there was the Spirit Show, St. Patrick’s Day, Crystal’s “new” birthday, her sister’s (Courtney’s birthday), Easter and learning the news of her next appointment. When you type it, wow…that is a lot.

At the Spirit Show we did a tribute to the ones fighting cancer. I must admit it was emotional but I felt it was important to take the platform that I have built for 24 years and use it for good. It’s funny that I say that. I have gotten grief from some people about that. I have heard friends/family make remarks that I use it to promote my business. When I first heard that, it stung. I would never do that. But Crystal brought it to my attention. Do what mom? Talk about your daughter? And you just happen to own your business which happens to be in the public a lot. Help others see how horrible cancer is? Show others the we can fight it together? Look who is saying it. And Crystal is right. She sure is my rock. Jon Read, with Read Photography said to me years ago at a photo shoot. You have no idea of all of the contacts you are making with the CR Spirits, they may not help you at the moment but they may help one of your children in their future. Remember that Tiffany, that is what I have learned at my age. Now keep in my mind, he was not referring to one of my children being sick, Jon was thinking more business and if my daughters were to ever take over. But those words he said, he is so right. A lot prayers and support came from those contacts business/performances/studio. It is kind of like the people that complain about Facebook. Why wouldn’t you want all of the prayers you can get? If you had a way to reach lots of people and ask for help, why wouldn’t you? I believe in raising awareness, I believe in sharing our journey, I believe in miracles. I am positive person. And if you can’t find the good in it, or a positive side in it then those are your problems, your character, not mine. I choose to rise above. To all of you fighting cancer, here is a video to show the support behind you. Never give up Hope. Hope is stronger than Fear.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear Crystal – You will be on my mind when I take my 62 mile (metric century) bicycle ride through the streets of Long Beach, CA and beyond on May 13 to help the fight against childhood cancer. You have never met me, but I am well aware of the challenges and battles you have bravely faced and fought over the past four years. You are a shining example to others that with faith, love and an unwavering spirit to survive, anything is possible. Give my best to your mom. Fight on!

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